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We have been in the area for more than 40 years, valuing our patients as if they are our own family members or close friends.

Currently, Dr. Priyanta Thotagamuwa (MBBS,  FRACGP, ABAARM) operates our practice, with the aim, and interest of treating patients in a holistic manner.

Our medical centre uses both conventional and natural medicine analysis when it is indicated, and if the patient consents to have integrated analysis treatment. Patients of this kind may need advanced “functional medicine” tests which are not covered by Medicare.

Functional medicine tests are not requested without patient’s consent.
Patients with chronic, complex health issues who need “integrated medical care” will be privately charged to comply to medicare regulations. (Patient will be issued an invoice (receipt) and they will be able to claim it from medicare at the counter using our eftpos machine or from their health insurance company.) Complementary medicines are not covered by PBS.

In special cases, depending on the complexity and length of your consultation, out-of-pocket cost for patients will vary depending on the length of the consultation. If this is the case, you will be informed prior to treatment (however, if the consultation goes beyond the planned time, your actual fee could be more than the quoted).

For example, when treating chronic neck, back and other joint problems, we use a type of injection therapy, named prolotherapy. This treatment can incur an out-of-pocket expense depending on the region of the problem.

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About Us

Wandal Medical Centre Rockhampton is open Monday to Friday with after-hours appointments on request. Our consulting physician, Dr. Priyanta Thotagamuwa (MBBS, FRACGP, ABAARM-Anti-Aging medicine), offers medical assistance to patients of all ages, seeking advice, treatment or some minor procedures. A full list of services is available here.

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