Case Study 7


Age 42.  

This is a real patient history. Their identification details have been removed to maintain the patient’s privacy.

Initial Presentation

  • Mother of five children
  • Unable to fall asleep since the age of 12
  • She sleeps only 2 – 3 hours every two to three days
  • She had been experiencing perimenopause symptoms for some time
  • Other than high blood pressure, she does not have any other chronic diseases.
  • She said that she practises mindfulness to calm her down
  • Physical Exam
    • Normal including blood pressure (she has been on blood pressure tablets), heavy smoker
  • Blood Tests
    • High Estrogen, Low progesterone
    • Increased eosinophils
    • Normal Serum Copper
    • Blood Cortisol (Stress Hormone)
      • Very High at 8am, 12 noon and 4pm
    • Fasting Insulin was higher than normal
      • Fasting blood sugar was elevated (almost close to diabetic level)
    • Normal Thyroid Levels
    • Iron, Vit B12, Magnesium and Calcium were normal
    • Slightly raised homocysteine
  • Analysis of Intake Forms
    • Features of extremely severe dysbiosis
    • Severe fatigue score
    • Non-specific headaches twice a month (non-hormonal)
    • In her health appraisal form, she scored high for the following systems indicating poor functions:
      • Gastrointestinal Tract
      • Colon
      • Thyroid System
      • Symptoms of PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome)
      • Muscles
      • Small Intestines
      • Liver/Gall Bladder
      • Fatigue and Adrenals
      • Menopausal Symptoms
      • Detoxification Issues
      • Psychological History
        • Mild Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

Appropriate treatments started targeted towards causative factors.

  • Outcome
    • Within one month, her blood pressure medication could be halved
    • Had started feeling better, less stressed
    • Her blood sugar levels normalised
    • She had started to sleep for 6 hours every night without a trouble
  • After 3 months of treatment
    • She did not have high blood pressure anymore. Blood sugar was normal. Her sleep was restful and lasting 6 – 8 hours without difficulty in falling asleep.
    • Patient was discharged as she did not have any more issues. Her blood pressure medication was ceased.