How to Prepare for a Medical Centre Visit During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic can make going to medical centres in Rockhampton a nerve-wracking prospect. However, it’s important to stay on top of good healthcare at this time – probably more than ever. At Wandal Medical Centre we are providing many services during the pandemic, including telehealth appointments that mean you don’t have to visit the clinic in person. However, if an in-office visit is necessary, you can use these tips for being prepared.

Sanitiser and face mask in preparation of medical centre visit

Understand the Restrictions

Before you arrive at the clinic, you can check our website to find out more about our current guidelines and protocol. That way you will be aware of what’s expected of you upon arrival and throughout your appointment and what the staff will be doing to keep everyone safe.

Undergo a COVID-19 Health Check

This may be done over the phone prior to your appointment or might be done at the door when you arrive. The health check will likely start with getting a temperature reading. If you have a fever, you will not be allowed to enter the building. You will also be asked questions regarding other symptoms, such as a cough. You’ll also be asked about exposure to anyone who has COVID-19. Honest answers are the safest way to stay healthy during your office visit.

Wear a Mask and Wash Your Hands

Preparing for your visit also means coming with the proper supplies. You’ll need to have a cloth mask to cover your face. You will have to wear it in the waiting room and when moving around the clinic building. Depending on what you’re being seen for, the mask may have to remain in place until you leave the clinic. When you arrive at the clinic, be sure your hands are clean, either by washing with soap and water upon arrival or using hand sanitizer before checking in.

Consider Mail Order for Prescriptions

If you already take a prescription medication or you expect to get a new one at your visit, set it up for mail order delivery. This limits the time you have to spend in the clinic because the medication can be mailed to your home. It also cuts down on your exposure to other people and limits how many surfaces you have to touch during your visit. When you call to set up your appointment, ask how to get your medications delivered by mail so you’re ready.

Our medical centre in Rockhampton is open during the Pandemic. If you need to be seen in-office, you can trust Wandal Medical Centre. Call today to book a consultation.


Dr. Priyanta Thotagamuwa (MBBS, FRACGP)

Dr. Priyanta Thotagamuwa (MBBS, FRACGP)

Dr. Priyanta Thotagamuwa (MBBS, FRACGP) is operating Wandal Medical Centre in Rockhampton with the aim and interest of treating patients in a holistic manner. As a GP he offers medical assistance to patients of all ages, seeking advice, treatment or minor procedures.